Pack up your sunnies, hold onto that million dollar sun tan, and forget shaving your legs because foliage SZN is upon us, ladies and gentleman!

If you’re like me, the sweet sound of a crackling fire while you’re curled up in a crocheted blanket, hair in a messy bun, feet smothered in fuzzy socks whilst sipping a steamy serving of cocoa with whipped cream in a mug that has some quirky quote on it is everything your heart yearns for.

There’s only one itty bitty thing missing; the crochet to your blanket, the messy to your bun, the fuzzy sock to your foot, the whipped cream to your cocoa, yes – you know who I’m talking about, your autumn partner in crime.

Don’t get me wrong, Autumn is just as sweet and savory when you’re an independent single Pringle but there is certainly something special about having that special someone to help you pick the perfect apple, while wearing matching turtle neck sweaters, and then turn said apple into a Pinterest-worthy pie to boast about on social media as a #branded Autumn couple.

If you’ve made it this far, you are totally here for this cozy content so I now present to you, the most wholesomely cute activities to explore with your honey this Autumn season:

Leaf Peeping Picnics

Those two sweet weeks of peak foliage are what I like to call an aphrodisiac for the eyes. There is something about the warm reds and yellows dancing with each other that make me all tingly down to my knees. Grab a plaid blanket, your favorite takeout meal, and some sparkling ciders so you can bond with your date with crisp air and vibrant views.

If you are in need of the most foliage-friendly spots to peep your leaves, click HERE for a fabulous list compiled by Town and Country Magazine.

Hiking: Mountain Peaks X Foliage Peak

Oh, your dating profile said you are #active so sweetie, grab your L.L. Beans and my hand because a peak week hike is an Autumn NEED. I mean what’s better than showing off your cutest athleisure outfit that says, “It took me 3 hours to try to look like I didn’t try at all to be this casually cute”? Literally nothing.

In all seriousness, show one another that you can trade in the typical overpriced bar cocktails and sceney restaurants for some outdoor adventures, exercise, and quality conversation that requires ZERO cell phone bars.

Get lost: In each other’s eyes and a corn maze

They say trust exercises are the best way to build a strong relationship so here I am, encouraging you and bae to get purposefully lost in a maze full of corn with the hopes that you argue over who is the most directionally intelligent member of the pack until you finally escape and celebrate with a caloric caramel apple for your dentist to find in your molars 4 months later.

Short term cuteness > long term cavities.

Getaway Cabin

Renting any cozy cottage serving some nature views is a must. From personal experience, Getaway Cabins are the most reliable way to go. Its most famously known for each cabin’s enormous window meant to help those staying experience nature both inside and outside, making your stargazing sleeps and mornings in the sunlight especially special.

These cabins are equipped with everything you need, and nothing more. These cabins were created with the intention to help urban dwellers access sweet escapes from their very stressful, tech-dependent lives (with a phone lock box) for some old fashioned human-to-human face time (no the real kind of face time, not the one provided by your phone). And what better season to wake up with a big window gazing nature than foliage SZN?

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is the gift that keeps on giving and I’ll tell ya why:

1) It allows you to show off your design AND carpentry skills

2) It invites some fun competition

3) Once the pumpkin’s insides are removed, use them to make delicious treats together (like pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, or oven roasted pumpkin seeds)

4) Stick a light source in your carved pumpkins that night to set the mood as you eat the pumpkin treats you made

Planting for Spring

There is something to be said about the intimacy that comes with gardening and harvesting with your loved one. Autumn is the perfect time to start planting the bulbs for a garden to cultivate in Spring that year.

If you foresee your relationship lasting a few more seasons, gardening together is a really poetic activity to build something together that will blossom with time (just like you guys, AW!)

Get Crafty

May it be building your own bird-feeder, stuffing and dressing a festive scarecrow, or arranging an assortment of gourds and pumpkins – a crafty project is an illustrious way to team up with your sweetheart and allow your creativity to flow through together with lots of giggles anticipated.

The finished result will either be something you can be really proud of or laugh at, win-win!

Baking: Encouraged to source from your local Farmer’s Market

No greater way to connect with your boo than through one another’s stomach’s. Go drag your recyclable shopping bags down to the nearest Farmer’s Market and pick out a decadent array of Autumn fruits and veggies to take home and experiment new recipes with each other. Taste testing your creation together is a special kind of fun.

Some homemade baking ideas to get you started:

  1. Candy apples
  2. Apple pie
  3. Pumpkin pie
  4. Sweet potato pie
  5. Apple cider
  6. Spaghetti squash
  7. Pumpkin bread
  8. Corn bread
  9. Jams

Create DIY Halloween Costumes

Fortunately for us, foliage SZN overlaps with, and is immediately followed by, Spooky SZN. Finding the perfect Halloween costume is exhausting and last minute searches leave you dressed like an unoriginal cat with cheap whiskers drawn on by your convenient store branded eyeliner.

This year, let’s shake it up by making creating your Halloween costume a fun, creative, and cheap experience to master with your person. This way you can both roll up to your costume parties feeling #neverbeendonebefore #unique #servingDIYrealness.

Host a Potluck Friendsgiving Meal

Nothing says partnership better than inviting your favorite A-lister friends over for a wholesome Thanksgiving themed meal. The best part: it’s POTLUCK!

Those unfamiliar of this brilliant hostess model is that everyone invited brings a dish to contribute to the whole feast. This gives you and bae the ability to share a special time appreciating your combined groups of friends while complimenting the try-hard’s homemade pies and the lazy-goer’s store bought wines.

Scary Movie Marathon

I needed one activity to give you and your honey an excuse to think cuddling up and watching movies is achieving a seasonal activity goal so you are welcome.

Foliage X Spooky SZN is always accompanied by month-long scary movie marathons. When all else fails and the cold nights with fuzzy socks leave you craving a reason to get cheek to cheek with your babe, scary movie marathon is it.

Haunted House Tour

To branch off of the last spooky SZN idea, this one is what I’d call a level up and requires a bit more screaming and clawing into your lovebug’s back.

Haunted houses are always a good idea until someone pees their pants. Go and enjoy it, then regret it, just make sure to do bladder control prior and have a happy place to revert to when a masked demon shouts “boo.”

Soup Kitchen

A philanthropic date is the ultimate “spark joy” as Marie Kondo would say. Coming together with someone you adore to make a positive impact is a special kind of teamwork.

It’s all too easy as couples to get caught up in the typical indulgences which are all too easily taken for granted.

Mixing up the usual date activity treats with acts of services for those less fortunate is a way to create something special together with new people.

That being said, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to use a few hours of your mornings and evenings to prepare food for those in need.

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